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Online Bibliography

Green (1990) - From Alexander to Actium

Scholarship Synopsis

Colvin (1991) - Architecture and the After-Life

27: Two tombs found in North Africa (nid 4th and 3rd-2nd BC) that might reflects Alexander's tomb.

Empereur and Compoint (1998) - Alexandria rediscovered

General inforamtion on the Pharos and the Serapion.

Forster (1961) - Alexandria: a History and Guide

  • The inter-marriage of Ptolemy II and his sister Arsinoe.
  • A possible location to the tomb of Alexander.
    • Tombs of the Ptolemaic Dynasty next to it.

Maehler (1988) - The Grand Procession of Ptolemy Philadelphus by Ellen E. Rice

292: convincingly argues that "the Ptolemaieia, even though founded in honor of Ptolemy I Soter, were obviously designed to enhance the prestige of the dynasty and not just that of its founder."

The Ptolemaea were inaugurated in 279/8 BC.

and my own addition = the procession was most likely intended to serve the interests of the living, as all [commemorative of deceased ancestors]

McKenzie (2007) - The architecture of Alexandria and Egypt

Rice (1983) - The grand procession of Ptolemy Philadelphus

134-79: A chapter on Kallixeinos, style, date and sources

185-6: Object to the popular notion that the Grand procession was part of the Ptolemaea on the basis of lack of emphasis on Soter in the account of Kallixeinos; The absence of Arsinoe II probably tells that it was before her death in 276 BC

Shear (1978) - Kallias of Sphettos and the revolt of Athens in 286 B.C.

34-5: Invitation to Athens; Maybe the Sidonans as well

37: Ptolamaea inaugurated at 279/8

Tarn (1969) - Antigonus Gonatas

104: Agrees with 279/8 BC at the date for the first Ptolemaea.

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